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Fernando Ortega BEGINNINGS

Beginnings album is a collection of 4 early recordings (1993 - 1996) by Fernando Ortega. In this collection of Fernando Ortega songs you will be able to find the following 4 albums.

• Meditations of the Heart (1993)
• Meditations of the Heart - Encore (1994)
• Hymns and Meditations (1994)
• Night of your Return (1996)

For those who love to hear Fernando Ortega sing classic hymns like Nothing but the Blood, Come Thou Fount of every Blessing, What Wondrous love is this, Teach me Thy way, O sacred Head now wounded, Jesus lover of my soul, I need Thee every hour, etc. etc. will love this cd.
However be aware that half of Fernando Ortega's songs contain piano solo performances taken from the CDs Meditations of the Heart and Meditations of the Heart - Encore. Fernando is not singing on those songs. They are instrumental CDs. Great to listen to and to bring in God's presence.

I always enjoy listening to Fernando Ortega songs because his music ushers God's presence and peace . That is why I would encourage people to buy this CD and use it for their daily devotional time with the Lord.

Fernando Ortega Beginnings
Double CD: Over Two Hours Of Music!
Disc #1 = 69 Minutes 45 Seconds

1. Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing - 4:32 from Hymns & Meditations)
2. Nothing But The Blood - 4:03 (from Hymns & Meditations)
3. Praise To The Lord The Almighty - 3:31 (from Night Of Your Return)
4. As For Us - 4:30 (from Meditations Of The Heart)
5. Con Que Pagaremos - 3:42 (from Hymns & Meditations)
6. Softly And Tenderly - 3:48 (from Hymns & Meditations)
7. What Wondrous Love Is This - 5:15 (from Hymns & Meditations)
8. Teach Me Thy Way - 2:58 (from Meditations Of The Heart - Encore) -
9. Mi Abuelito - 4:46 (from Night Of Your Return)
10. Morning Star - 4:17 (from Meditations Of The Heart)
11. Chimayo - 4:29 (from Night Of Your Return)
12. I Love To Praise Your Name - 3:35 (from Meditations Of The Heart)
13. Night Of Your Return - 4:45 (from Night Of Your Return)
14. Living Water - 4:15 (from Meditations Of The Heart)
15. I need Thee Every Hour - 8:08 (from Hymns & Meditations)
16. Nearer My God To Thee - 2:11 (from Hymns & Meditations)


Disc #2 = 70 Minutes 04 Seconds

1. Here Is Love - 4:31 (from Night Of Your Return)
2. God Made Them All - 3:48 (from Meditations Of The Heart - Encore)
3. My Song Is Love Unknown - 5:06 (from Night Of Your Return)
4. I Remember Well - 3:08 (from Meditations Of The Heart - Encore)
5. Road Song - 4:21 (from Night Of Your Return)
6. Family - 2:29 (from Meditations Of The Heart)
7. Now That You're Gone - 4:32 (from Night Of Your Return)
8. Creation Sings - 2:56 (from Meditations Of The Heart - Encore)
9. Green Pastures - 4:16 (from Night Of Your Return)
10. Near The Cross - 3:43 (from Hymns & Meditations)
11. Jesus Lover Of My Soul - 5:02 (from Night Of Your Return)
12. Sacrifice Of Praise - 4:01 (from Meditations Of The Heart)
13. It's Your Love - 2:44 (from Meditations Of The Heart - Encore)
14. Stricken, Smitten And Afflicted - 4:36 (from Night Of Your Return)
15. Brethren, We Have Met To Worship - 3:15 (from Hymns & Meditations)
16. O Sacred Head Now Wounded - 4:38 (from Hymns & Meditations)
17. Tossed On The Wind - 3:06 (from Meditations Of The Heart - Encore)
18. This Is My Father's World - 3:52 (from Night Of Your Return)

About Fernado Ortega

Classically trained in piano at the University of New Mexico, Fernando comes from a family of weavers and farmers who, for eight generations, have lived in Chimayo, a small village on the western slopes of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, north of Santa Fe. His music celebrates this heritage in songs that are filled with spiritual longing and a deep reverence for his Lord.
Fernando's music unites virtuoso piano skills with tender, authentic vocals. The rich accompaniment of cello, accordion and strings allow the songs to resonate with a simple yet sensitive quality that gently touches every listener's heart.

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Customer Reviews

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