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What is CHURCH?

church Jim Cymbala Prayer

"We're revising what a church is today. If you can get people for 1 hour on Sunday morning in the building, that's the church". That's not the church.

Jim Cymbala, a pastor of Brooklyn Tabernacle. This message was given at a Gaither's Praise Gathering on October 14, 1994.

Before long, seeing few victories and feeling personally defeated, the discouraged pastor decided he needed to quit. It was during that dark period he received a distinct and unexpected call from God to lead the people to pray.
The next time he was before the church, he told them about his strange call from the Lord to focus on prayer. The following Tuesday night, about a dozen members joined the pastor for prayer. They joined hands, stood in a circle and prayed. Five minutes later, They were finished. They obviously weren't sure yet how to conduct a prayer meeting but they had taken the first steps.
Over the next few years, Brooklyn Tabernacle would become known around the country and around the world as a praying church.

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